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Tin Lizzy's Perimeter
Tin Lizzy's Perimeter


The newest, most on-the-Perimeter location of TL's is decked with signature random oil drum lighting, a spacious front-corner patio, and a slick hand-painted mural touting ATL's own Whynatte Whippet shots. The outpost also has unique menu items including Korean BBQ pulled pork tacos, plus the Don Julio Silver & St. Germain "Saint Rita", which will make every girl look like a lovely meter maid.

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1. Tin Lizzy's Perimeter 121 Perimeter Center W, Atlanta, GA 30346

Perimeter location of the Tin Lizzy's chain. Unique menu items include Korean BBQ pulled pork tacos, and the Don Julio Silver & St. Germain "Saint Rita" cocktail.

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