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A big-deal burger chain arrives in Atlantic Station

Claiming to make "the burger you must have before you die", BGR's 9oz whoppers are so decadent you might not have a choice, and were invented by an owner hellbent on resuscitating his childhood memories of growing up in Philly and smelling delicious patties being open-flame-grilled every day by the local butcher.Made from grain-fed, free-range, dry-aged cow, the meat's loaded on buttered, fresh-baked brioche buns and gussied up into deliciousness like the blue cheese/ caramelized onion/ 'shrooms/ garlic Wellington, the spicy Southwestern (pepper jack, poblanos, and chipotles), and the Swiss/ Dijon/ slow-roasted pork Cuban (just don't expect to feel fines after wolfing it down).Beyond the beef you'll find the teriyaki-sauced ahi tuna w/ grilled pineapple & pickled ginger, seasonal Maine lobster sliders, and the tzatziki-smothered ground-leg-of-lamb Greek, which may well prevent you from ever seeing your Jimmy again.Oh, and if you really want to die, there's this: call ahead 24hrs and you can order a hulking 15.4lb monstrosity laughably called the "9 Pounder", which's free if you finish it solo, and comes with a bottle of Maalox -- a nice gesture, though unlikely to do much to combat your open flames of indigestion.