This might even be too much awesomeness to hold in your hand and eat

Please ask your nipples to calm down, because your mouth is about to be assaulted by pasties (still-sexily pronounced "pass-teez") doled out by former bread truck G-n-S, whose 30yrs-in-the-game owners are bringing you their version of the hand-held British pot pie, which 18th-century Cornish miners in MI and PA ate on lunch breaks since they could eat the inside and toss the crust they'd been holding with their daintily arsenic-tainted fingers.Dough's handmade daily, then the stuffings're cooked together, wrapped in the pastry, and baked for 30mins, resulting in either the Oggy w/ steak, home-gardened rutabaga, turnips, potatoes and a side of brown jus, or "your grandmother's recipe" chicken pot pie w/ carrots, cream sauce & a golden egg-brushed crust, which you'll use to Ae-sop up all that good gravy. They'll also have a rotating "fun" pasty such as mojo chicken w/ Spanish rice (see, isn't that fun?!), an all-American burger setup w/ caramelized onions, one with all the fixins of a chili dog, and even sweets like peach turnovers, which cost many more $1 bills to see on stage at Follies.If you truly must, balance out that meal with a small salad tossed in a seasonal vinaigrette, baked or black beans w/ yellow rice, or soups like sweet potato or split pea, which will be ideal when you're feeling a little nipply yourself.