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Your food: delivered without having to speak a single word

Published On 11/15/2011 Published On 11/15/2011

After realizing that Atlantans are every bit as likely as Seattleans to sit on couches while strongly desiring cheeseburgers (and possibly even more so than Denverans), GrubHub decided to make the A the 20th city to benefit from its trademark online ordering (suck it, Tuscaloosa!), and are signing up 150+ metro-area restos who're just dying to get you charmingly overweight.

To begin, just pop in your address to get a list of restos within delivery range, then load up your cart, check out, and you'll have your Redneck Deluxe within the hour; you can also sort eateries by cuisine (Chinese, Mediterranean, sushi, etc.), and even use participating spots' coupon codes, which Hammurabi famously claimed was "a pie for a pie, a booth for a booth", but you're eating this at home, so that probably doesn't apply. They've also got reviews from users, along with favorites-tagging so you can come back to them later, and a section for you to include instructions on how exactly your dish should be prepped, what to add/leave off, and any other special requests (pro tip: go with The Glo-Friends Save Christmas).

Already-in-the-system joints include Pizzeria Vesuvius, Top Spice, R-Rice, and Loco's Grill & Pub, and they've further incentivized things with their just-launched online card game Yummy Rummy, which delivers a 1-in-4 chance of winning prizes like site credit ($5-$200), gratis drinks/desserts, and maybe even a free $30 meal every week for a year, which in Tuscaloosa, would make you extremely likely to be the richest, most well-fed Tuscaloosian ever.



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