Food & Drink

Plus breakfast and dinner, cooked and delivered

If you enjoy eating food, but hating doing things like... ugh... going places to get it, it's time you signed up for Luvable Lunches, which wants to bring all sorts of totally healthy yet actually delicious, fully cooked meals right to your houseboat, or regular house if you're not sleepless Tom Hanks. Here's a quick Q&A to introduce you to its wonders

Are you implying these lunches are even more full of luv than the ones my mom made me with a note on the bag?Nothing is that luving, "Super Stevie". But they are made with extreme care by catering experts who have been in the game over 20yrs

What if I eat meals other than lunch?Easy, Michael Phelps! But luckily, Luvable goes beyond its namesake, doing all three meals plus snacks up to seven days a week. You just need to pick the package that fits your lifestyle, and no, we will not make a "Lifestyles that fit your package" joke here. This is a classy Q&A

What if I live OTP?Then you must buy lots of stuff from Bare Escentuals at that Mall of Georgia place Gwinnett people are always tweeting about. But don't worry, when you get back with your Pretty Amazing® Lipcolor, you too can have dinner waiting outside your door

How's the ordering work?Just check off what you want from a menu that changes every week, then fire up CompuServe and electronic-mail it back to LL to lock in meals like cinnamon raisin French toast w/ blueberry ricotta mousse, prosciutto-wrapped grilled pineapple, and macadamia-crusted trout glazed w/ banana rum

How do the delivery guys drive without these plates of really nice food flying all over the backseat of their Altima? Great question! All meals are delivered in cooler bags with cutlery and bottled H2O, and they'll reclaim the whole setup if you leave it outside the door

Are you going to tell everyone about my nickname?What?! C'mon. You know it's not like that, Supes.