Food & Drink

Mobile mac 'n cheese proves that marriage isn't always bad

Not actually a DVD compilation of Bernie's more groan-worthy jokes, Mac the Cheese is a new truck the owners (a married couple in Buford) have pimped with a fresh black & orange plaid wrapping, so look for that when you want artisanal comfort food that's "even better than when grandma made it"

Mac-y dishes include the signature snack w/ yellow or white sauce and either bacon or bread crumbs on top; w/ tempura-fried green tomatoes, buttermilk dressing & pimento; or w/ a lamb/beef hot dog from The Spotted Trotter, aka what nobody has done with Jeremiah since 2009. Because man cannot live on mac & cheese alone, unless that man is in college and out of Top Ramen, other eats include a cane sugar Coke-braised pork cheek w/ stone-ground GA grits, and sandwiches like sourdough grilled cheese w/ bacon, gruyere, and collard greens known as the Jonesin', also something DeKalb residents say they haven't been doing for Vernon since getting rid of him.

Finish your stomach off with sweet bites like a dark chocolate peanut butter brownie w/ candied bacon or their brown-buttered Rice Krispy treat, which has even more Snaps than that Bernie Mac "yo' momma's so fat"-jokes book.