Food & Drink

An ice cream master literally teaches you farm-to-table techniques

Welcome to Sweet Selma, ice cream magnate and Irwin St Market cooking class-leader Jake Rothschild's urban farm, where you'll learn true urban-farm-to-table chef skills in a trailer-esque outdoor kitchen equipped with an old-school stove, plus (sadly, magical-Indian-less) cupboards from the childhood house in which he learned to cook

You'll create (then eat!) meals in 3hr classes like "Pastabilities" (handmade ricotta-stuffed ravioli w/ basil pesto), or go seafoody with NC mountain trout during the Friday Night Fish Grill. You'll also learn to properly grill Spotted Trotter steaks and dress 'em up with farm-grown butternut squash, then pick fruit from 31 fig trees and seven peach trees, which visiting drivers say is the most frustrating thing about ATL

Former Top Flr partner/ secret farming genius Adam Backmeyer's tending the gardens, and'll also be heading the Mad Libations class to school you in how to use whiskey-anger to your benefit pre-Prohibition cocktails made with fresh herbs, from Sazeracs to special concoctions like a habanero watermelon margarita, and a vodka drink flavored by nectar from the farm's roses

Jake will even teach you secrets on ice cream and sorbet made using local goat's milk, which you'll be churning by hand, just like Lynne Reid Banks did with those Indian book sequels that really weren't that great.