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Refrain from calling Al Sharpton, and just keep reading

Published On 04/26/2012 Published On 04/26/2012

Ok, so this is totally real, and not a new movie made by Gordon Parks: The Blaxican, a food truck with a cheeky (and definitely not offensive) name that's serving "Mexican soul food" cook/owner Will Turner creates by fusing his favorite two cuisines, and recognizable by its rear-mounted propane tanks disguised as bottles of Texas Pete and Cholula.   

The flatscreen-displayed menu includes hybrid snacks like Philly Nachos (marinated steak, grilled onions, queso, jalapeños), spicy oven-baked mac & Mexican cheese, and the Georgia Quesadilla w/ smoked turkey, seasoned collard greens, and cotija cheese, which is several times saltier than normal cheese, and you know that guy's pissed about getting unexpectedly shot in the head by Slim Charles.

Because even Al Roker needs more than just Philly Nachos, there's also BBQ-rubbed grilled tilapia w/ wasabi coleslaw (shout-out to Japan!), the "Wow Cow" (chicken-fried skirt steak), and the "Jaw Dropper": a 24hr-marinated roast pork butt originally called "The Booty" before Will decided it was "too hood"... WHO ARE YOU TO PLAY HOOD-GOD, WILL?!? THAT OLD NAME RULED!!!

Fusion fun continues with desserts like sweet potato flan and plantains foster, plus sips ranging from Foco juices and Jarritos sodas, to truck-made Kool-Aid "when we have sugar", enough of which will make anyone incredibly cheeky. Photo by Food Cart USA



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