Food & Drink

It's gonna get Real

"Take it easy" and "keep it real" are definitely two things people who no longer want to hang out with you say, so knock out both at once, at baker/biergarten Easy Tiger's first beer-paired dinner: six courses to delight your palate and dim your cognition, debuting with local hop-heads Real Ale. You're gonna love this if you

  • Are a huge fan of Rome and/or Queensrÿche, because they're matching up oak-barrel-aged Empire IPA with some delicious duck sausage
  • Foam up at the thought of women in tartan-plaid bikinis spring-breaking on the North Sea, because you'll be getting head from sour heavy Scots Gone Wild, while making doe-eyes at some venison liver mousse
  • Don't mind getting blood on your hands, because there will be blood... sausage and bone marrow served alongside the barrel-aged, wee heavy 2010 Highlander, whose 10% ABV will make you okay with there being only one
  • Love drinking beer, because there are three more courses, and they also come with... beer! See the full lineup right here -- then keep it real by finishing everything you're offered, and you'll have no problem taking it easy.