Food & Drink

... is coming to Rainey Street

October's a great month for costumes: from women dressing in nurse uniforms to get men's attention, to men donning lederhosen to get a unified Germany's attention. This year there'll be no better place to go Deutsch than Bangers, hosting 16 days of Ger-mania starting tomorrow

Special casks and kegs will be unleashed every few days, with contents such as Munich's Hacker-Pschorr (since 1417!), an unfiltered Rahr, Thirsty Planet's Smittlefest (originally crafted for the brewer's wedding), Real Ale's very first lager, and Live Oak's Oktoberfest, poured from both tap and gravity cask for comparison, though if you're anti-gravity, your brain's in outer space

The menu's going bonkers, with whole animal roasts and new sausages including one of Germany's oldest (the marjoram-spiced NĂĽrnberger Rostbratwurst, which dates to 1313), the 15% veal Coburger, and the immigrant-favorite "Americanized Wisconsin Jalapeno Cheddar Brat"

Will there be other fun? YES, THERE WILL BE OTHER FUN! At least if you like oompah DJs, polka bands, and contests from yodeling to pretzel eating -- win that, and there's a good chance you'll get to meet a nurse, and it won't be sexy.