Mobile meaty smoke signals

Because TX has more BBQ joints worth their smoke than Cali has... pharmaceutical joints worth their... BBQ, Texas Monthly has just done their literary duty by launching The BBQ Finder: a Jobs-phone app that directs you to the nearest pits, then provides their reviews of those joints, as well as those of Dallas bloggeurs BBQ Snob, plus "buzz" pulled off foursquare and Twitter (so now you'll really know what that graphic of a bunch of birds trying to carry a whale means).

Further turning gluttony into community, the app has the capacity for comments/reviews, queries about prospective destinations, and online profiles, which are connected to a scoring system based on your number of pit stops (5pts for each new spot, and one for subsequent visits), allowing them to rank the state's most adventurous meat eaters with titles ranging from Enthusiast to Rib Wizard, which sadly doesn't mean the staff of these restaurants is at your command.

If you can't drive to the four corners of the Lonestar in search of sausage, early-bird tickets just went on sale for Monthly's sure-to-sellout October Q festival -- to get this much smoke in Cali, you'd have to...go to the doctor for 15 minutes!