Food & Drink

How well do you know the spots that feed you so well?

On a normal night, Uchi will make your wallet say Ouchi, but not during Austin Restaurant Week: two Sunday-Wednesday stretches where the city's best will sling prix fixes for a fraction of what they'd usually cost (and we're not talking 7/8th's). Test your knowledge of the participants by guessing who's behind these ARW spreads, then click the hyperlinks to see if you're right, or former Speaker of the House Jim Wright, who being 89 probably doesn't know much about super-hip restaurants. The Fixe: Shishito peppers; baked St John's River oysters w/ crispy prosciutto; tater tot poutine w/ smoked ham hockThe Hint: If you haven't heard of this place, you're probably locked in a hot, dank space typically used for storing portraits of dead relatives.The Fixe: Tiger Cry (cured Wagyu, rice paper, red pepper, charred green onion); pork jowl w/ Brussels sprout kimchee; "tobacco cream" (that's dessert)The Hint: This dude has the Qui to the city.The Fixe: Housemade corned beef hash; crisp duck leg confit; crème caramelThe Hint: The seeds of this restaurant were sown by the dudes from Hopdoddy, as opposed to Hop Daddy, an early Fox sitcom about a family where the dad is a rabbit who hates his wife and his job and his stupid neighbor.The Fixe: Dungeness crab croquettes; glazed beef cheeks w/ green apple puree; stuffed French toastHint: They aren't a prime steakhouse, but are named after a prime number once worn by an NBA player who caused his bosses to have to pay out said number of millions for a sexual harassment suit.The Fixe: Dirty rice-stuffed Texas quail; bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin w/ cheddar grits; dark chocolate pot de cremeThe Hint: They share a name with a country star who would be proud to be here, and whose massive frame could easily make you say "ouchi".