Food & Drink

Straight from the bayou

BBQ's long been regionally dictated, from Central TX's beef allegiance, to Tennessee's obsession with pork, to Louisiana's... um, what do those guys do? Here to show us: VooDoo BBQ, who probably through the use of methods you don't want to know about expanded to 12 locations in a decade within LA, and now's chosen Round Rock as a foot in the Austin market for its heavily spiced, New Orleans-style pecan-/oak-smoked meats

The goods are served "competition-style" (meaning dry-rub only), from the Caribbean jerk chicken, fried/BBQ shrimp, and Cajun smoked sausage, to the brisket, pulled pork, and St Louis-style ribs; you also get a choice of three sauces: Louisiana hot, Carolina cane vinegar, or Mango Crystal, which you'd have to do a lot of to be convinced to play Mango, or Chris Kattan

All meats are po'boy-able on white, wheat, or French, and they've also got sides including chicken/sausage gumbo, sweet potato souffle, corn pudding (a creamed corn/cornbread hybrid), and Big Easy chili, sure to give you bead-worthy man-boobs

They gots bottled beers, or play with the high-tech Coca-Cola machine whose touchscreen lets you pick from 100+ varieties of fountain drink, all of which are dispensed through the same spout, probably through methods you don't want to know about.