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Three dudes who are all good at 'Qing

Since U always follows Q, make the trek west for It's All Good Bar-B-Q: a Spicewood meat temple from three competitive-circuit pitmasters (including the Texas Rib King) who've gutted and expanded the former RO's Outpost, equipping it with a corrugated metal roof and taxidermied big game, though it's kind of unnerving to see Michigan and Ohio State players stuffed and motionless

The trio's collective knowledge is pooled for recipes resulting in wet-but-not-saccharine signature baby backs (they equate the glaze to a clear-coat of paint), a surprisingly subtle pulled pork, and a 12-14hr post-oak-smoked brisket rubbed with over 15 spices. The only things not smoked in-house are the mild and jalapeno sausages imported from EJ's Smokehouse in Shiner, of which they are the exclusive Austin-area distributor, and are willing to hand out black eyes to keep it that way

To accompany your heaping piles of protein they've also got from-scratch sides like cream corn, a decadently rich mac 'n cheese, and a champion pinto bean recipe that uses 5lbs of bacon -- take that down and you'll need a lot of RST.