Food & Drink

Breakfast/lunch/dinner from some beautiful culinary harlots

From the same chefs whose iconic French resto Jezebel went up in flames despite not being the target of reprisals from opponents of the false god Ba'al, comes Bar Mirabeau, an eclectically sourced comfort food spot operating out of the base of the Cirrus Logic offices

The expansive space is one of the most inviting on W 6th, with intricately carved wooden chairs, a large mirror over the bartop reflecting Shoal Creek, and whimsical political art including an airplane dropping shoe bombs in reference to the one Bush press conference where everyone can agree the President did not appear sole-less

The food's all over the map in a good way, with nontraditional breakfast tacos (curried veggies, Andouille sausage...), lunches like a ghost-peppered Jamaican jerk goat rice bowl, and dinner options like the Mexi-Can flatbread pizza, with barbacoa, al pastor, green chiles, and a fried egg -- the culinary equivalent of putting a bird on it, except fried eggs will never be so-last-year

Since this place does have bar in its name, there are beverages, from a large selection of on-tap wines, to cocktails like the Belvedere/St. Germain/pear puree/fresh cracked black peppercorn Pear Bottomed Girl, who you'll unconvincingly mock for her figure, then totally Ba'al.