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Making patties out of everything

Looking for a hot dude with rippling abs? You probably won't find him at The Beef Cake Shop, a trailer from a couple of Round Rock resto vets currently parked at 8th and Colorado on weekends, where they're shoving all sorts of dishes into bunless patties and sliders.Made mostly by dicing up and compacting the original ingredients, styles range from the usual suspects (bacon cheeseburger, meatloaf) to out-there creations like pepperoni pizza, Asian dumplings, buffalo hot wings, chicken cordon bleu, and a tzatziki'd, gyro-tasting number called the Adonis, sure to give you an Adonis Complex: the irrational belief that you're not muscular enough, except it's not irrational, because look at all those gyro-tasting sliders you just scarfed.They also welcome requests, which've already resulted in flavors like chicken pot pie -- eat enough, and you'll be parked at 8th and Colorado forever.