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Not your Mama's Peruvian

Proving Peruvian cuisine is more than just a capitally named bean nobody likes even in this day and age when people love Brussels sprouts, is Pachamama's: a bright orange ESFP trailer from a chef who decided to peddle his native cuisine now that his former kitchen at Sago is Sagone.

Eats drip with influence drawn from Peru's wide cast of immigrant communities, then filtered through the chef's grandmother, and cover Aji de Gallina (shredded chicken breast in spicy cream sauce), Bistec a lo Pobre (flat grilled steak topped with fried egg & plantains), and Carapulcra: potatoes slow-cooked with pork and toasted peanuts, aka, Charlie Green and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, and probably that kid who never bathes.

Papas-loving apps count Papa a la Huancaina (dressed in queso fresco and yellow aji pepper sauce), Causa Limena (potato pie marinated in lemon/aji, filled w/ chicken, vegetables, cream), Papas Rellenas (stuffed w/ ground beef or portobello, plus raisins, egg, olives, creole salsa), and Anticuchos, wherein grilled potatoes are skewered with grilled beef heart, which they assure is just as Safe As Milk.

To keep you occupied while you're waiting to munch, they've amassed a cache of board games, because in a world where people maybe like vegetables a little too much, it's important to remember Candyland.