A restaurant for, yep, bacon

Because even fat pigs deserve a home: Bacon. Conceived by the motliest of crews (architect, insurance agent, resto expert, Southside Sanctuary t-shirt designer), this porcine transformation of the Screaming Goat bungalow sees chefs from Along Came a Slider and El Arbol work wonders on 150lbs of p-belly cured in-house daily, as the pigs were very insistent with their protests of "Don't take me to no hospital!".

By-the-slice, ultra-thick hog-strips come in blackened or hickory styles for now, with soon-to-arrive flavors including hatch green chile, coffee-rubbed, and cinnamon; Babe-bits are also creatively snuck into breakfasts ranging from build-your-own tacos to Bacon Waffles topped with sliced bananas, coincidentally the fruit you'd be most likely to pork someone with. The rest-of-the-day menu counts starters including Bac-Fries (sharp cheddar, chives, sour cream) and Sweet Corn Fritters (w/ bacon aioli, of course), daily specials like deep-fried pork ribs in bleu cheese crumbles, and substantial standbys like the steak + bacon Double Grind Burger, which unlike the Double Grindhouse won't have you walking out midway through the first patty.

Since nothing pairs better with swine than swill, they're also boasting 30+ bottled beers, with more local micros on the way, guaranteed to turn your crew motley, and your already swinish body into a local macro.