Rock star sloppy seconds

Side projects can allow you to stretch in creative directions your main gig doesn't allow, like Gary Numan's collaboration with Brandy, "The Side Cars". For a caterer stretching into food trailers, hit Luke's Inside Out.

An offshoot of the catering biz that services ACL Live, The Backyard, and Austin Music Hall, Luke's replaces the Official Muncher Trailer in front of Gibson Bar, serving a similar style of twisted comfort food with daily specials inspired by comestible green room demands, though the tastiest of those were traded to Humble Pie for $50 and a case of beer. Recent dishes include a fried-egg-topped meatloaf sandwich sparked by this week's Arcade Fire show, a roasted beet/ carrot/ eggplant sammy playing off Janet Jackson's favorite smoothie, and a bizarre Widespread Panic concoction of watermelon sprinkled with goat cheese and Pop Rocks, ironically two genres whose songs average under 30min. Non-rider everyday eats start basic with the Burger (8oz sirloin, bacon, Swiss, cheddar, on a muffaletta), then get extreme with the Pig (pulled pork, bacon, mozz, onion rings, sun-dried tomato relish on French bread), the Chicken (Szechuan fried w/ sesame slaw on French bread), and apps like bacon-wrapped fingerling potatoes and fried tuna fingers, which counterintuitively will weaken your alba-core.

To welcome the summer, next Saturday they're teaming with Gibson to host a N'awlins crawfish boil with $2 Jell-O shots, Abita Amber & Turbodog, and even an adult slip 'n slide, which, given a 1990s spent living down in the park, pretty much describes Gary Numan's career.