Women are from Venus, Pizza is from Mercury

No matter how close you and your Home Slice are, sometimes you need a new pie-sano. So, check out Mercury Pizza: a just-opened South Austin counter-servicer from an old-school East Coast pizza baron, filled with couches and vinyl records that give the place the feel of an old/old-before-his-time audiophile's living room.

House pizzas are available by the big NYC slice or as 20" discs, including varieties like the Assassinista (pepperoni, bacon, bleu), Who'sYourDaddy (pepp, 'penos, pineapple), Old Dirty Bastard (pulled pork, caramelized red onion, cheddar/mozz, honey chipotle BBQ sauce, slaw), and a bleu/buffalo chicken white job called the Thunderbird, which, while inexpensive, is not priced at 30 twice.

If you're some kinda psycho who's not in the mood for pie, grab a "Blunt" (a 6" pocket in combos like ham & ricotta and chicken & broccoli), a huge 12" calzone ("Rollers"), or a hot sub ranging from Baked Turkey Cheddar, to Chicken Parm, to Tom Berenger. Ooh la la.

Although they're just selling softies now, an application's in the works to serve beer/wine both on- and off- premise, so you can pick up a six with your to-go, then go sit on the couch with your real best friends.