Food & Drink

Waste not, want this

Stuffing the junkyard of your stomach while lessening our reliance on landfills, In.gredients is a Manorhood grocer aiming to come as close to zero-waste as possible by encouraging you to bring your own containers for everything except meat and dairy, whose packaging is closely regulated by the state to ensure dangerous bacteria doesn't get it works: first, weigh your container (or buy one of theirs) and print out a washer-safe tare sticker, then bulk up on bulk-bin items ranging from grains to snack foods to household necessities like laundry detergent and dish soap, as well as local goods from the likes of Johnson's Backyard Garden and Easy Tiger, which got its name not for being a slut, but for handing out its hard-earned bread to whoever asks.They answer the price comparison question by insisting that they won't flame out after four years like Peerless did noting that you can buy in smaller quantities that don't go to waste, but also stress deals like local eggs at $4/dozen (compared to $6 elsewhere), ground beef at $7/lb as opposed to $10, kombucha at 2/3 the price of their patchouli-smelling competitors, and $6.50/lb for sustainable tilapia.Perhaps the biggest steal is a $6 growler of Lone Star (that's 4 1/2 pints!), while they also boast rotating taps from Hops & Grain, Independence, and more, plus a just-released cold-brew from Third Coast Coffee, whose namesake is sadly as tarnished as the shelves at Randall's.