A softie deserving of the title Mister

If you've got a hard-on for soft serve then you're bound to get inappropriately excited about Cow Tipping Creamery, a dessert trailer in the Rancho Rio trailer park, helmed by a custom motorcycle builder who's slinging his wife's gourmet recipes in a staggering array of styles and toppings.The dairy is all organic from non-HMO and grass-fed cows, with rotating flavors usually including a vanilla (Madagascar, Tahitian), chocolate (Swiss Orange, Ghirardelli's Hot Choc), and a curveball like Salted Caramel, the non-dairy Pineapple Whip, or Fredericksburg Peach, who to Mario's dismay is held captive on another Enchanted Rock.Sundaes, cones, shakes, push-pops, floats, sandwiches -- they've got it all, with standouts like the Noble Pigwich (maple ice cream, Noble Pig bacon marmalade, chocolate cookies), the waffle cone Shag (pomegranate sauce, sweet lemon Vietnamese curried-toasted coconut, Mike Myers being hilarious), and From Texas With Love (honeyed pecans, whipped cream, orange sugar crystals, Frito pie bark, and Dr Pepper cherry sauce).You're also welcome to invent something using 60+ toppings that include chocolate-covered corn nuts and Fruity Pebble crunch, harking back to the days when "get excited" wasn't a double entendre.