Food & Drink

Returning after a fight with flames

Heading back to the frying pan after spending some time in the fire: Mizu Prime Steak and Sushi. The surf/turfers with 180-degree views of the Hill Country -- whose wood wine racks burst into flames 6mo ago -- are reopening with a new menu from their ex-Truluck's chef, who'll hopefully serve as a charm against future infernos.Go DIY with Hot Rock, which, far from being a K-tel collection of tunes by Foreigner, Loverboy, etc, is actually portions of well-marbled akaushi beef (read up on akaushi here), jumbo diver scallop, and shimeji 'shrooms that you cook yourself on steaming stones. If steam brings up uncomfortable memories of nights with Peter Gabriel, go with Tuna au Poivre (horseradish cream, mushroom ragout, red quinoa), or the gorgonzola-buttered "AKA Strip Steak", though that might also bring up uncomfortable Peter Gabriel memories. Meanwhile, the other half of the menu's loaded with creative sashimi like the Big Eye Tuna Tartare (watermelon, stone fruit, Asian vinaigrette, tomatillo) and Beef Tataki (red wine ponzu, goat cheese, garlic candy, bourbon citrus jam), as well as signature rolls like the Hama Tama: spicy hamachi, avo, tuna, cilantro, citrus ponzu, and dynamite sauce, so you know it'll be Good Times.Libations range from cocktails like the ginger-infused Chili Patron (w/ habanero sweet & sour and a chili salt rim), to 20 wines by the glass, to sakes like Ginja Shizuka, or "Divine Droplets", which would've really hit the spot about six months ago.