A classic pizzeria emerges from the stone age

Apparently the Mangia-saur's future wasn't bright enough to warrant those shades, because the Burnet and Lake Austin Blvd locations evolved into the Pizza Bistro. Run by the same owner, their overhauls are directly inspired by a trip to Italy -- the Lake Austin location even boasts a long exterior table whose seats are actually mopeds, which, like the Italian men who rode them, will now be getting a ton of ass.Because it's not all about crushing not-motorcycles with your butt, the food's been seriously upgraded too, with cheeses & meats imported direct from Italy, and dough made & hand-tossed on-site, resulting in superior stuffed/NY thin/flatbread/gluten-free crusts, plus toppings ranging from traditional (Ravello's Best: pepperoni, capicola, prosciutto, fresh mozz, pepperoncini, black olive, Roma tomato) to Texas BBQ Brisket.The new standards also inform fare like the pancetta Bistro BLT, a meatball-provolone on a rustic baguette, and pastas ranging from fusilli with Italian sausage, artichoke & sun-dried tomato, to brisket/short rib bolognese spaghetti -- now that's not a spicy meatball.They've also ushered in an all-local well including Lone Star Bourbon, Z Tequila, Deep Eddy Vodka, Treaty Oak Rum, and Waterloo Gin, a distillation that remembers someone else who thought his future was really bright.