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Mexico meets Lebanon

Before you balk at Daisies Cafe's fusion of Mexican and Lebanese, remember that perfect strangers can achieve great success for... eight seasons!? Perfect Strangers was on for eight seasons!? That's a lot to digest, and so is the breakfast/lunch at this cozy, brightly accented spot connected to Allandale's Around the Corner Mart

The menu was envisioned by Michael Dell's former personal chef and a long-time caterer who literally dreams up many of her recipes, never measuring in pinches when creating standouts like a minty adobo chicken Mediterranean salad, a family-recipe tortilla soup that's creamier than traditional Mexican, and specials like chicken wings stuffed with dumpling-esque ground pork & shrimp, then tossed in sweet and sour

More straightforward dishes include the BBQ-sauced, 1/2lb Fatty Burger (w/ white & yellow cheddar, fried onion rings, and bacon, so if you don't live up to your meal's name now, you will soon) and breakfasts like the sourdough Rosedale Fried Egg Sandwich with truffle aioli, bacon, melted Swiss, tomato, and avocado. In the future they hope to expand to dinner, thereby becoming a place where you can achieve great success with a perfect stranger.