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What will they do with all the flavor packets?

Exposing Top Ramen as a blatant false advertisement, is Michi Ramen: Austin's first trailer devoted to the instant-turned-artisan noodle craze that's sweeping the nation, it's parked at the newly opened North Austin Trailer Yard and helmed by a guy who not so long ago used to edit online newspaper The Horn.The answer to why this costs more than 10 cents starts with the broth, the secrets of which they learned by flying in one of Japan's "Four Ramen Devas" to school them in tonkotsu: a thick, from-scratch reduction of pork bone, fat, and collagen that simmers for 20+ hrs without any added preservatives or MSG.The traditional variety features chasu braised pork slices, wood ear mushrooms, Welsh onions, and blackened garlic oil, while alternatives count a veggie with a mix of chives, sprouts, and cabbage, and a sweet soybean/miso blend with corn and butter; everything can be spruced up with bonuses like poached or soft-boiled egg and extra-charred chasu "burnt ends", culinary slang that's far more appealing than "roaches".For dessert they're slinging Mochi, a crispy-on-the-outside, creamy-on-the-inside ice cream treat in flavors ranging from green tea to passion fruit, which as anyone who's tried to wolf down a half-dozen before sexytime knows, is definitely a false advertisement.