Tear into this humanely treated meat

Getting all Peter Pan with their meat, but not in a Chris Hansen kind of way, is Hill's BBQ Market, an offshoot of SoCo's Hill's Cafe that's peddling antibiotic-free "never never" proteins -- meaning that like the storybook eternal child they don't receive any hormones. The chef's culinary academy-trained and spent time at Hudson's on the Bend, which influenced him towards sweeter, more complex dishes, like a 100% vegetarian-fed, 24hr oak-smoked brisket barked in a paprika/chili pepper/cumin recipe passed down by the 80yr-old guys who mentored him when he was a teen, and who must've really appreciated beef so soft you don't need teef. Other standouts include herb/garlic turkey, sausage from Opa's in Fredericksburg, and molasses or mustard pork ribs from Beeler pigs, who the chef actually "feels bad about eating, since they had such a good life", so unlike Kanye, they felt no T-Pain.Sides definitely veer from the norm (non-GMO creamed corn and whipped sweet potatoes with Boursin cheese!), and he also offers a sauce made from a base of tomatoes instead of ketchup that's borderline Kansas City style -- though regardless of sauce/healthiness, eat enough of that meat and you'll go from Peter Pan to... that fat kid who's always eating.