San Francisco

Booze and bocce

Finding the right setting to combine games with drinking is an art, perfected only by true masters, and dudes with foldable cornhole sets. Attempting to climb that double tower of success with something even better than beanbags, Bar Bocce

The latest addition to the Real Restaurants Group 13-territory empire (Bix, Betelnut, Zero Zero, etc.), BB is a Sausalito waterfronting pizza-slinger that seats 52, including 30 in the cedar-rich interior and 22 on a badass back patio that overlooks a pergola-covered firepit and a granite-sanded 55'x10' bocce ball court that's fully lit, so try not to take what it says too personally. 'Za-making duties'll go to the same English kitchen-minder chef-ing RRG's Buckeye Roadhouse and Bungalow 44 in Mill Valley, with eight tangy/rich sourdough pizzas hitting the wood-burning oven -- including a breakfast pie (with organic egg/smoked bacon/potato), a pork sausage (with fennel pollen/scallions/red onions), and a meatball -- along with non-pizza eats like rock shrimp po' boys and lasagna with Kobe chuck, which is far preferable to the Ron Artest version. There'll be two oven-facing bars inside with six stools each, where they'll be pouring 12 cask wines on tap, mixing beer cocktails, and handing out homemade winesicles, where they replace the fudge with booze and agave syrup, to which Kirstie Alley responded, "NOOOOOOOO!!!".

The bocce balls'll start flying during a super soft opening this Saturday (first come, first serve), with hosted leagues and pop-up tournaments to follow in the coming weeks -- plenty of time for you to become a true master, or at least less likely to fold.

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