Ze Germans are coming...to Berkeley

Living in Germany has its perks, whether you're enjoying the world's greatest beer festival first hand, chowing down on authentic brats, or just continuing to not live in Poland. Bringing those non-Polish perks to Berkeley, Gaumenkitzel, opening Sunday.

From two married Deutschland-ers who still can't believe Sprockets is off the air, Gaumenkitzel is a North German kitchen/bakery/beer hall (chef'd by the wife, designed by the husband) that'll pour imperial pints of deliciously bitter North G brews in a rustic-but-colorful interior with communal tables, ample natural light, and awesomely high Douglas fir ceilings, which'll make you say (Maui) Wowie. Hamburg-approved beers -- which'll be served in their respective branded glassware with the required 1-2 inches of head -- will include Jever (a strong hopped pilsner), Köstritzer (a 467-year-old Schwarzbier dark lager), and Duckstein (a golden medium that's been poured since the Middle Ages), plus 10 wines from the Fatherland and a refreshing 2/3 pilser, 1/3 Sprite combination called an Alsterwasser, which's German for "come on girly boy, you know you want it". Food-wise they'll have breakfast, lunch, and a light dinner, all of which'll be cooked on an open flame (there's no fryer, grill, or griddle in the kitchen), with early morning offerings like Belegte Brote (sweet/savory open-faced breakfast sandwiches) or the more decadent Champagne Fruhstuck (chocolate spread/ cold cut/ brie/ salmon/ glass of Champagne), lunch options including a Rinderrouladen (beef roulade with braised red cabbage/mashed potatoes), and for German supper: Von Allem Etwas, which allows you to "have something from everything and be surprised", also how they convinced Tom Cruise to do Eyes Wide Shut.

They'll be open from 6am-6:30pm to start, then'll move to a full dinner menu and later hours shortly, plus they'll make a final decision on whether to include a not-brewed-in-North-Germany Hefeweizen -- a decision they'd come to faster, if they didn't refuse to conduct a Pole.