Because you only get like <em>five</em> chances every 12 years to celebrate going to the Super Bowl, make the most of another Pats trip with these idiot-proof plates culled from some of the Hub's top kitchen QBs

Much like the Pats' D, your recipe game needs a little Troy Brown bolstering, so strengthen it with these no-more-than-seven-ingredient recipes guaranteed to get you mad Pats on the back. Enjoy:

Chex Mix-Encrusted Chicken Fingers (with Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce) From Rene Caceres, Forum Make everyone Men In Black-style misremember last year's French Onion disaster by breading chicken tenders in Chex Mix and dipping 'em in a BBQ sauce laden with the good Dr. Pepper, or Dr. Pepper Ten, if you don't want girls eating it.

Your recipe Rolodex is about to get significantly Chex-ier

The Vince Wilfork Kettle Chip Pile-Up From Suzi Maitland, Parlor Sports Though it may sound like a delicious accident the Pats' defensive tackle got into on Route 9, this burly crowd-pleaser from Inman's go-to sports HQ intentionally piles up two trays of pulled pork & jalapeno-covered kettle chips atop one another and finishes 'em off with chopped tomatoes and sour cream.

Don't think your old Kettle Chip Pile-Up recipe is even close to as tasty as Big Vince's

The Gronk From Russ deMariano, The Brahmin American Cuisine & Cocktails Ensuring your post-game interview is almost as incoherent as his, this spicy 'tail mixes vodka, fiery pepper SoCo, and Tabasco with sweet peach puree in a concoction that, much like its namesake, may be hard for just one person to take down.

Check out the recipe now or Gronk's dad's gonna keep revealing critical injury information. Stop him!