Food & Drink

Eat like the pros do

Working at a restaurant has its perks: you can sleep late, things are rarely boring, and if you work at Olive Garden, when you're there, you're family, which is good, because your actual family has disowned you for working at Olive Garden. For a foodtruck perking you with the ever-shadowy staff meal...Staff Meal.

From two industry amis eager to bless Boston with vittles they formerly prepped for their staff at restaurants like Bistro du Midi and Rialto, SM's slinging a creative high-end repertoire of meat-heavy sammies and snacks, all of which'll change weekly and eventually be served late into the night, because you've gotta do something when Sail Loft closes, and then Four Winds also closes. Eccentric must-devour handhelds include a pressed pickle-topped meatloaf sandwich with pastrami & BBQ sauce; a bun blessed with oxtail and marinated red peppers; and a fonduta-topped cheeseburger boasting mayo-slathered veal tongue, potentially marking the first time you've ever successfully held your tongue... because you went to Milton, and don't back down to anyone. For lighter street-side noshing, there're snacks like bruschetta with white anchovy & marrow cream cheese (from a truck?!), foie gras baklava, arepas with watermelon slaw, and even Reuben spring rolls, also a long-perfected technique by which Studdard gets out of bed every morning.

And because dudes who went to Milton and hang out at Sail Loft know how to use utensils, SM's also peddling heartier soups & plates like a tempura crumb'd Romadur mac 'n cheese, a smoked halibut chowder, and a liver lasagna, though hopefully not made with yours, considering you were too big a chicken to tell your dad you work at Olive Garden.