Wahlburgers, the highly-anticipated-but-definitely-less-highly-anticipated-than-any-Funky-Bunch-reunion-could-ever-be upscale burger joint from bros Mark, Donnie, and Paul (chef/owner of Alma Nove), just opened in Hingham, where they'll be slinging all-natural beef burgers (single-, double-, and triple-deckers), hot dogs (The Stray topped with mustard, Sriracha, and salsa), and (sometimes alcoholic!) frappes. The 120-seat space also boasts an oak-top bar, fireplace, enclosed patio, flatscreens, and more Wahlberg memorabilia per square inch than your 7th-grade GF's bedroom, until she confessed her fave was Paul, and you saw no other choice but to dump her, then try and French her best friend at a spin-the-bottle party.