Food & Drink

Uncommon eats on the Common

Whoever said, "you can't turn a former public restroom built in the 1920s into a sandwich spot" was weirdly specific, and now inaccurate, thanks to the Earl of Sandwich, housed on the Common in the old Pink Palace kiosk (it was a public toilet until the '70s!) and slinging specialty lunchtime handhelds, including

The Original 1762: This signature number boats cheddar-smothered roast beef with horseradish sauce, and is named for year the 4th Earl of Sammie invented America's favorite meal the during a poker game in which he was so enthralled he refused to stop and enjoy a six hour meal of mutton stew.

Cannonballs: What you'll feel like you have in your stomach if you try and do Zumba after taking down this mozzarella and Parm topped meatball sub

The Full Montagu: This 'wich on toasted artisan bread rocks two melted cheeses (aged Swiss plus sharp cheddar), roast beef & turkey, plus a "special mustard sauce", though when asked for specifics, they tend to remember they used to be a bathroom, and stall.