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Cape Cod chef 'lands' on the Waterfront

After spending over 10yrs making a name for himself on the Cape, the chef behind 28 Atlantic at Harwich's Wequassett Resort was like, what the hell am I doing in Wequassett is opening his first solo joint in the former Sel de la Terre, which's now outfitted with slate quartz columns & green mosaic tiles, a richly appointed 10-seat dark wooden bar abutted by a single, elevated leather chair, and an artistic Jenga-like wall of protruding wood blocks. Foodwise, small plates range from shrimp n' grits with linguica sausage and sawmill gravy'd fried chicken & waffles, to pork belly sliders with pickled ramps, over which your taste buds will jump with excitement, and then we will refuse to apologize for making that awesome pun. For burlier farm to ocean fare, there's a coffee- & brown sugar-cured beef tenderloin w/ a mole rojo, hoisin-barbecued rare tuna, and an asparagus/ crab cake-topped Berkshire pork Oscar -- a much more prestigious cut than the, ugh, Berkshire pork Golden Globe. And to satiate your parched throat, CL's also pimping eight draft suds (Fisherman's Brew, Pretty Things Jack D'or, etc.) or an assemblage of cocktails that includes a rum, Combier, and kiwi number called The Greenway, too many of which will have you like, "what the hell am I doing at 3am in the area named after my drink?".