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Scotch eggs & pork sausage served in a cave

The latest from the crew behind that bar you definitely don't hit up to grind with 23yr-old girls who went to Middlesex & Colby (yes, of course Clerys), GT's a rustic, history-evoking eatery slash watering hole slinging "charcuterie, shellfish, and Yankee classics" out of a historic old (once waterfront) granary built in 1816. After deftly dodging that girl's friends on the Greenway, get ready to:Pick A Level: Tied together by a crap-ton of Vermont barnwood, the two-floor, 250-seater features an exposed brick-heavy street level rocking brown leather chairs, glass jar pendant lighting, and a massive 700lb glass-topped table handmade from old farm equipment gears. Meanwhile, the cavernous Cask of Amontillado-esque downstairs boasts a 15-seat bar and giant granite block walls that were originally part of that pier.Stuff Yo' Face: Get things rolling with small bites like lime aioli'd corn in the husk, and panko-crusted Scotch eggs w/ pork sausage, before advancing to even heartier portions like the smoked bacon Granary Burger topped w/ a fried egg, or chicken & waffles in a bourbon maple drizzle, also Louie Anderson's dream forecast.Drink Said Face Off: Make sassy comments to your friends over craft cocktails served in Mason jars or one of 30-plus suds that include Somerville's Slumbrew Happy Sol, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, and Fluffy White Rabbits from Pretty Things, most of whom you definitely haven't already alienated at Clerys.