Cult fave returns to C'town

Because naming their place after all 557 emperors would've been hellish for their sign-maker/ webmaster, the couple behind cultish C'town fave King Fung Garden has triumphantly returned after three years of exile in Brookline to launch China King, a not-quite-as-tiny eatery slinging all their popular classics in an interior decked with festive gold-fringed paper lanterns and red walls, which've been equally distributed all around the room.

For your culinary choose-your-own-adventure, you can:

Get Weird Step off the epicurean reservation with exotic delicacies that range from sweet pickled jelly fish and chilled beef tendons, to a fish head/ bean curd/ noodle hot pot, to spicy fried lamb intestines doused in salt and pepper, despite Keith Hernandez and Walt Frazier's vehement objections.

Get Less Weird Or keep it at 10 and 2 with classics like steamed pork buns, CK's tomato & pork soup (an homage to the iconic Carl’s Pagoda), or their signature order-a-day-in-advance Peking Duck, served (with homemade pancakes) in three courses: crispy skins, duck meat stir-fry w/ pea pods & bean sprouts, and a full-carcass-cooked, glass-noodled soup that's fit for a king, or a Ming, or a Qing, or a...