Food & Drink

Backyard grillin' in the DTX

Because it's almost impossible to host a Summertime cookout when only two people can (safely!) fit on your fire escape, take the party to Back Deck, a 128-seater from the dude behind Fajitas & 'Ritas that's pouring a hearty repertoire of suds & punches, and grilling "cookout classics" on one of three charcoal grills. After circling DTX in search of Filene's Basement, you're gonna want to regroup and

Settle In: Designed to look like, well, a deck (but inside!!), the heavily foliaged split levels let in the outside via retractable windows and go native with teak/ metal patio furniture atop plank floors, bird's nest light fixtures, and a granite bar overlooked by a colorful mural of a Boston roof deck

Chow Down: Start small with grilled squid in a sweet pepper vinaigrette, or charcoal grilled duck sausage with mashed potatoes, before sinking your teeth into burgers like the Mexicali (pepper jack, avocado, chipotle mayo & green chili salsa), or a coffee-/ chili-rubbed 12oz bone-in rib-eye served w/ Texas toast, also a pre-drink cheers in which you celebrate life, love, and every Matthew McConaughey movie except Two for the Money.

Drink Up: Like any good cookout, there's a full assortment of booze ranging from 15-plus draft/ bottled suds (BBC Steel Rail, Otter Creek Stovepipe Porter, etc.) including their own Rapscallion-brewed Back Deck lager, to the shareable West St Cooler (watermelon/ rum/ Aperol) punch, to a double rum & Cointreau number dubbed On The Deck, which is where you and your friends're planning to spend your Summer, assuming you replace "deck" with "fire escape" and "friends" with "hold on to the window ledge, I'm getting help!".