Stumptown Coffee drips into the Hub

Oregon is home to many wonders, from the beauty of Crater Lake, to Beverly Cleary, who wrote those books about Ramona where she totally gets egg in her hair, and Miss Whaley calls her a nuisance but then in the end they go to Whopperburger that you didn't read because they're for girls. For more wonders from Senator Jeff Merkley's home state, hit Thinking Cup, now open.

Billed as the first Hub spot to brew Portland, Oregon's Stumptown Coffee (dubbed an heir apparent to the Starbucks throne), TC's a high-end java house w/ an Old World Euro-vibe that peddles breakfast/lunch eats and baked goods from an in-house pastry chef (formerly of BiNA) in a cozy, darkly wooded space decked out with exposed brick, brown leather seating, historic b/w photos, and wood tables decorated w/ antique newspaper clippings, none of which seem too fond of the Japanese, the Germans, and sometimes the Italians. Midday highlights include hearty soups (shrimp & sausage gumbo, three bean chili) and select sammies like herb mayo'd smoked salmon w/ red onion and cucumber; balsamic-covered peppercorn turkey and mozzarella w/ red pepper; and a caramelized onion-topped roast beef/provolone number with horseradish dressing, which isn't nearly as titillating as it sounds...or is it? To kick start the morning, there're bacon cheddar chive/sour cherry scones, vanilla almond muffins, lemon cream brioche, or, if you prefer to eat like the Irish, a brown-sugared bowl of oatmeal that's been steel-cut, and is now forced to play on breakfast JV.

And to make sure you get that Stumptown action, TC brews a full assortment of lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos to accompany cheese-, cup-, and coffeecakes, as well as tarts like one with smooth caramel and a dark chocolate crust so decadent, you won't be able to resist Ramon-ing with delight. Ew.