Fried catfish and chopped brisket in Mission Hill

Don't like hitting Allston's wildly popular Soulfire BBQ due to its proximity to Wonder Bar and the painful memories of all the terrible things you've done there? Then hit their just-opened second spot in much-less-likely-to-evoke-weird-memories Mission Hill, where they've tricked out the 22-seat former Brigham Circle Diner with their signature red & black walls, dimly lit Edison bulbs, and tables made from stainless steel, so you can hog all of the stains yourself.

If you've never been to the first one, you're a loser, but can redeem yourself with classic starters like Texas beef brisket & pork spare rib chili, their cult favorite, pressure-fried chicken wings, or crispy pieces of deep-fried baked mac n' cheese. From there, increase the likelihood your doctor laughs when you take your shirt off with Southern-seasoned fried catfish or one of seven slow-smoked meats (competition-style dry-rubbed baby backs, pulled pork, chopped brisket, etc.) you can hit with house sauces including the spicy mustard-based Fiery w/ red jalapenos & smoked habaneros, to the KC-styled Soulfire, to the sweet, pepper-tinged Pitboss.

Calorie hoarders can revel in desserts like cinnamon-sprinkled/ honey-buttered fried dough, or chocolate chip pecan bourbon Kentucky pie, and beer/ wine & entertainment licenses are in the works, so soon you'll be able to wipe away those old painful memories by creating new ones.