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Catch and cook your own lobster

Because it's hard to pick up anything from Lobster Wars when you're so busy dropping your Rs, get more learned about crustaceans at this BCAE one-day, extremely hands-on class where you'll learn to do everything from catching to cooking your own Boston lobstah.

Your day, like the lobsters, will be split in two

On the Water: After climbing aboard Captain Carli's Downeast Sisu lobster boat “Fourcast”, you'll spend over an hour on the water discussing the state of the industry (commercial lobstermen actually fish the Inner Harbor! Plus other stuff!) and channeling whoever Marky Mark played in The Perfect Storm as you grab buoys, haul traps, measure/ band the lobstahs, and re-bait the cages with herring or mackerel

In the Kitchen: From there, Stephanie's Executive Chef Corey Comeau wants you to leave "stinking of lobster" and, to that end, will take you through a hands-on claw-to-tail cooking class in which you'll shuck crustaceans (whilst learning secrets to cracking/ extracting the most meat), whip your own homemade mayonnaise, and use the shells to brew lobster stock, all en route to making your own toasted lobster rolls & bisque, alongside two types of white wine, one of which better be a Chahdonnay. Or a Gewuhzthamineh.