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The end of the world, but with tacos

Roger Ebert once called the movie Armageddon "an assault on the eyes, the ears, the brain, common sense, and the human desire to be entertained", though hopefully he won't be as harsh about this one-night "taco Armageddon" from the Eat Boston dude and chef Brian Poe, which brings you all the shelled meat action you can handle, presumably while Ben Affleck creepily makes out with Liv Tyler to one of her dad's songs.

So snag your ticket now, as it will score you:

  • Tacos! Kick things off with two specialty numbers like the Thai chicken w/ a peach basil salsa or grilled jalapeno & veggie topped w/ a citrus beet crema. Or, you know, maybe just two of those Thai chicken ones.
  • More tacos! If they just didn't put enough citrus beet crema on your previous ones, hit the DIY taco bar to whip 'em up as you'd like, while choosing from two juicy meats: beef or cherry-smoked boar.
  • Even more tacos! But, like, dessert ones from a taco station chock full of sweet shells, sundae fixings, and no citrus beet crema.
  • To wash it all down, they've locked up a tequila company to sling a limited supply of firewater samples. Apologies, but there will be no citrus beet crema reference here.

And if that's not enough, you can hit The Rattlesnake the night before for their annual Guacaholics Anonymous event, which includes bottomless guac from places like El Centro and Lolita Cocina, both of which are reputed to have avocado deliciousness that's Amazing.