Cider-glazed ribs with a side of history

Proffering the tagline "Time-Honored Cookery", the folks behind Marliave have transformed the former South End fave Pops into a 48-seater that pours age-old cocktails and puts a historical spin on traditional American classics, like Stephen Ambrose, except none of these delicious tidbits are made up. Luckily, you won't have to lie once you're informed about the: Ambiance: Just as at Pops, Kitchen's got the five-table sunroom in the back and sidewalk patio up front, plus the open kitchen in the middle, except their dining room boasts a 10-seat pine bar decorated with vintage cookbooks. So suck on that, Pops!Nourishment: Each dish on the menu is date-stamped with a "circa" year of culinary significance (i.e. oysters on the half get 1906, the first time cocktail sauce is referenced in a cookbook) and run the gamut from blue cheesed frog legs and bacon-wrapped scallops to the three-meat Pork & Cowboy Beans served with sausage, cider-glazed ribs & offal meatballs, and dated 1832, a time when men were men, and they cider-glazed everything. Liquid Nourishment: Wash it all down with a handful of select suds including Bear Republic Racer 5 and a rotating cask ale, or continue on your walk through history via classic 'tails like Blanton's Single Barrel-based Horse's Neck, and the gin, Grand Marnier, and vermouth-mixed Satan's Whiskers -- something that gets pretty damn unruly when Beelzebub isn't all made up.

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