Upscale sushi swims into Southie

Fearlessly blazing a raw fish trail straight into the heart of Southie, the folks behind Boylston St's Samurai have unveiled Moko, an elegantly attired 40-seater rolling upscale sushi with a side of Korean vittles in the old Terrie's Place, now apportioned with a 12-seat bar, beige-clothed tables, and walls with slate stone accents actually stronger than Southie ones.Funky good-time rolls include the cajun-seasoned Coco Salmon w/ coconut shrimp and basil sauce, the Rolls Royce (eel-sauced fried soft shell crab, spicy tuna, kanikama), and the salmon tempura, avocado, and asparagus Pink Lady, even though there's no solid proof that the singer is not, in fact, a kind of jacked dude. Assuming you have a fish allergy, coming to a sushi place was probably a solid call, so indulge instead in Korean-style BBQ short ribs w/ rice & miso soup, Yook Hwe Jang (beef w/ egg, scallions, and clear noodles in a spicy broth), or a chili-sauced chicken Bibimbap. And while they're still waiting on a booze license, expect to eventually quench your thirst before meeting Murph, Big Murph, and Fat Murph at Murphy's Law with sakes, soju & suds like Nikaido Kitchom's wheat liquor and owl-adorned bottles of Hitachino Nest Japanese Classic Ale, which features reserved notes of orange and pear, but there's no mention anywhere about dem apples.