All-day breakfast in All-ston

Because it's been years since you've had a good place to bet Kevin Bacon that Carol Heathrow will go for your pecker, bring Steve Guttenberg to the Allston Diner, a breakfast-all-day greasy spoon from a couple of local buddies (one Lowell, one Salem...NH!) that slings your fave booze-absorbing grub in the 40-seat space formerly occupied by Grain and Salt before things got a little too gritty.

Feel immediately at home by getting well-informed about:

The Space: The two-room b&w/ teal eating area is split by arched openings and rocks a seven-stool diner counter, Etsy-friendly tables/ booths that've been craftily remastered with comic book pages and pictures of graffiti, and myriad mid-century metal ads for the likes of Spider-Man, Harley-Davidson, and Morton Salt, also the name of a short film in which a Russian defector accuses Angelina Jolie of actually being a tax attorney named Morton.

The Foodstuffs: Breakfast-thru-early-dinner sustenance ranges from buttermilk waffles, sour cream pancakes, and omelets named after random street addresses (naturally), to more unique specialties like cornbread waffles w/ zesty buffalo fried chicken; the Way Down South Wrap packed with your choice of meat, cheese grits, and collard greens; and a good 'ole fashioned BBQ brisket breakfast served over Texas toast and topped with two eggs and cheddar, which Bacon just might collect, if Carol doesn't fall for the wang in the box of popcorn again.