Seek...this place

You learn a lot working long hours with your parents, though apparently you don't learn about the Fair Labor Standards of Act of 1938, 'cause then, you know, you'd leave. For food from a woman who was kept thankfully in the dark about child labor laws, hit up Refuge Cafe.

Having cut her teeth running neighboring Myung Dong 1st Avenue with her dad, the Haverhill native behind RC's gone solo, overhauling the iconic Allston Cafe into a similarly chill 42-seater slinging sammies, suds, and java amidst walls decorated with Maine barnwood, burlap coffee sacks, and a framed vintage poster of a WWI-ish soldier saying "Make Me A Sandwich", so the only thing about to go over the top is the size of his thighs!!

Sandwiches -- which the Third Amendment thankfully now ensures will not be commandeered by some gluttonous soldier -- run from Swiss-covered pulled pork w/ honey BBQ sauce, to the turkey-filled Turkish Twist (with raspberry vinaigretted feta/ Craisins/ cucumbers), to the Pastrami Rama, with honey mustard & caramelized onions atop a pretzel roll.

More, non-handheld burliness includes BBQ grilled meatloaf, and three styles of mac n' cheese: veggie (eggplant, red pepper), four cheese (Cheddar, Fontina, Romano, Manchego), and a Napoleon, which boasts mozzarella/ roasted tomato/ garlic, so at least it's not short on flavor.

RC's also succeeded where Allston Cafe failed in the procurement of an honest-to-goodness liquor license, and're pouring local drafts like Wormtown Turtle Boy Blue, Notch Session Pils, and Haverhill Haver Ale, as well as a tasty repertoire of soon-to-be-unveiled spicy bacon Bloodys served in Mason jars, though unlike a child without knowledge of FLSA, they won't be screwed.