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Korean drumsticks & BBQ land in Harvard

After two years of construction fits and starts and tantrums, the much anticipated Korean fried chicken and tabletop-BBQ-grilling basement spot Bull Korean BBQ is now officially open in the Galleria at Harvard Square! Only thing is, it's now under the umbrella (and name) of NYC Korean chicken powerhouse BonChon -- so don't call it that other thing, or stuff will get awkward really fast. But, you ask, 1) What do I want with this NYC Korean chicken powerhouse? 2) Is this just like a standard, run-of-the-mill franchise? 3) Can I at least get some mochi ice cream to balance out all this Chon action? Well, to answer your questions: 1) You want their hand-brushed, secret-sauced fried chicken in a soy garlic or hot sauce since it's both delicious and addicting, like opium-flavored Nerds. 2) Oh, Lord no. This place has 18 booths with DIY grills, from which you can cook up everything from black angus kalbi short ribs to pork jowl & belly. On top of that, they've got specialties like spicy baby octopus w/ thick wheat noodles and Buldak, which is chicken that's "hot, peppery, and fiery", much like the Red Sox players whenever Bobby Valentine opens his mouth in public. 3) Yes. Yes you can.