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Real deal Belgian waffles in Harvard Square

Everyone knows that Belgium's all about the waffle, whether it's the delicious breakfast food, or the action they used to take when asked "which side of this war would you like to be on?". Prepare to not feel neutral about the greatness you're eating, at Zinneken's.

From two Belgian high school buddies (one a Harvard MBA, the other the former owner of a plush toys company) eager to import a little taste of home to Harvard Square, Z's slings an addictive assortment of authentically light Liege gaufres in a bright counter-orderer decorated with Tintin memorabilia, and multiple statues of Brussels' famous peeing boy. Baked-to-order waffle craziness includes:

The Sin: This simple banana and Nutella number encompasses gluttony (obvi), plus sloth for not ordering a more creative one.

Oreo Freakin' Party: Yes, the party in your mouth includes said Oreos, along with raspberries and whipped cream.

Berries Insanity: This farmer's market special is topped with four kinds: strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry, though ironically after eating it, you'll be the roller ball.

The Zinneken's: Their signature job is blanketed with whipped cream, Belgian chocolate, and Speculoos, a type of shortbread cookie traditionally baked in Belgium and the Netherlands, where everyone is traditionally baked.

They've also got strong European java, and artisan Belgian chocolate (Galler) which they plan to discount, also what that nation did to the prompt "you really have to pick a side here, guys".