Food & Drink

These are even better than your signature pigs in a blanket

Designed to keep you out of the kitchen and in the den watching Julian Edelman catch passes in the slot, then knock down passes over the middle, then field punts and kick offs, then long snap the ball to himself, then play nose tackle, then play right field in Doug Flutie's men's league softball games in Natick when Doug's buddy Kenny is stuck at home with the kids while Natalie goes to a wine tasting at Fifth Ave Liquors, ECG has just launched Pigskin Party Packs: ready-to-go group meals featuring mad amounts of ECG's delicious 'Q for six to 30 people. They're also alliterative as hell

What you get: Anywhere from two to five slabs of their baby back ribs, several pounds of pulled pork and sliced brisket, and up to 50 of their smoked wings, though thankfully not the ones who somehow lost in the playoffs to a hockey team from Nashville.

Side bets: So many pieces of cornbread, spiced-up coleslaw, slow-simmered baked beans, and tubs of extra BBQ sauce, or what Julian Edelman is forced to fill in the training room before Vince Wilfork gets out of the shower.