Food & Drink

Late-night ramen in Porter Square

Ramen. You always tell people you "lived on it" in college, but the fact is, you lived on the second floor of the substance-free dorm, and you ate pork chops in the dining hall and they were delicious. Giving you the ramen you only wish you could've pretended to eat in college, YumeWoKotare. YWK is a cozy 18-seat Japanese soup shop from a dude with five similar joints in Japan, though this one is situated in Porter's former comeback-savvy Zing! Pizza, serves nothing but ramen, and boasts a moniker that translates into the phrase,"Talk about your dream" (unless, of course, it's that one where you're the girl from Curly Sue). Sit: Rocking paint-splattered blue walls hung with a crap-ton of picture frames that'll eventually be filled with the handwritten aforementioned "dreams" of customers, the room's anchored by a communal 10-seat wood dining room table, six counter stools, and, assuming you're more of a lone "I brought this Ken Follett novel with weirdly extensive sex scenes specifically so no one would bother me" wolf, a single desk-lamp-adorned one-top nestled in its own nook.Eat: Ramen. And then more ramen. All of it pork. Your opening-day options include a bean sprout, cabbage & soybean accented bowl w/ two pieces of pork, OR a similarly accented "buta" ramen with five pieces, which is wayyy more than you ever pretended to eat in college.