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One-night-only burger extravaganza

On the heels of their one-year anniversary and epic championship softball victory (!!), the culinary crew at Kendall fave Abigail's has decided to keep the celebration rolling with a later-night burger soiree, joining forces with the Boston Burger Blog for a one-sitting-only (10pm!), ground meat jubilee so crazy/ beautiful, Kirsten Dunst has promised not to show up at it. How it works:

• Select two secret burgers from a lineup of four, two created by Abigail's (a Cheeseburger Wellington stuffed with mushrooms, shallots, herbs, etc., and topped with bacon & crumbled blue cheese, and a Lamb Kofta w/ grilled heirloom tomatoes, red onion & French feta), plus two from the Boston Burger Blog dude rumored to include venison, deep-fried butter(!), duck crackling, and, um, a "tapioca maltodextrin"...?

• Bulk up on myriad family-style side dishes that include a "simple salad" you will definitely eat because you came to a late-night burger pop-up, plus house-cured pickles, and fries drenched in melted Gouda.

• Outrage Jillian Michaels and your vegetarian bakers cartel by enjoying chocolate cupcakes that look like hamburgers.

• Wash it all down with enough sudsy samples from Maine's Peak Organic Brewing to make you crazy enough to think nearly anyone you talk to is beautiful.